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Why You Need a Boston Luxury Real Estate Agent

February 16, 2013 |

Both buyers and sellers are better off with a real estate agent for a variety of reasons. People find an agent most commonly through referrals from friends or colleagues who have had a good experience with a particular agent. Some buyers connect with a Boston luxury real estate agent at an open house and decide to work with him/her based on good chemistry. Typically though, referrals are the most common way to select an agent.

Thinking Outside Your Boston Home Preconceptions
In this digital, high tech age, buyers and sellers are already aware of what homes are selling and at what price.  However, a good Boston luxury real estate agent can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the search process. Working with an experienced agent makes the purchase process less hectic and smoother.

I always find it fascinating to see the dynamic between couples – whether they are new to the market or have been looking for a Boston home several weeks. Most people start their search believing they know exactly what they’re looking for, but the more they look, the more they tend to disagree on pretty critical details.

For the most part, couples begin to disagree in terms of location, layout and amenities, because the real estate agent introduces options they wouldn’t normally consider. Through an agent, they see different options they never knew existed, not to mention areas or neighborhoods they hadn’t or wouldn’t have discovered on their own. Realtors also have access to many exclusive listings that aren’t officially on the market. Buyers are presented a plethora of options that weren’t even on their list or their radar. 

Additionally, experienced agents provide historical knowledge of the property and can help negotiate a better deal based on property history. The same holds true for selling your property. It is imperative to know how to price it, how to show it and when to put it on the market to get the most bang for your buck.

Are you just beginning your search or have you picked your dream home already? Contact me for guidance and to help you evaluate all available options before making a real estate decision.


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