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Today’s Luxury Boston Townhouses vs Condos

February 11, 2017 |

With soaring Boston luxury condo prices, especially those of new construction in super high-end buildings, buyers are looking more seriously again at luxury town houses where financially it may make more sense. Granted, town homes don’t provide all the ease and amenities that large full service buildings provide, but there’s good news. There are countless service companies that provide all the Boston luxury real estate services like parking your car, concierge support, you name it.

Of course there is a fee involved, but many Boston luxury condo owners find these services invaluable. Depending on the extent or the frequency of services needed, the charges could be less than what you would be otherwise paying in full service Boston luxury real estate buildings. It’s certainly worth looking into your options.

Some of the single family town houses have been exquisitely renovated with elevators and state of the art finishes / systems. Some properties may command very high prices, but you will own the entire home without sharing the floor with anyone else, and you’re are in control of your own decision making. The variety of services that was not available to single family owners in the past are now readily available.

These service options are making city living in these townhouses so much more pleasant, convenient and hassle free. Next time you go Boston luxury condo hunting, look at houses in the same price range knowing that you can have those services and give yourself more choices.



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