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The Summer Real Estate Market Is Vibrant with Serious Buyers and Sellers

June 16, 2018 |

As we all know the sales of super expensive Boston luxury homes slows fairly significantly in the summer months due to travel and vacation plans. Many homeowners hesitate to list their expensive homes and accrue days on the market, knowing full well that it may not get the same traffic velocity as more active Boston luxury real estate seasons, like the fall.

Knowing their intention to eventually sell at a later date, they might give access to their Boston luxury real estate agents to quietly show these properties if and when they come across an interested buyer. Granted the luxury market is slower in the summer, but it’s certainly not dead.  Boston luxury homes are being sold, whether they’re officially on the market or unlisted.

Sellers who have specific plans to relocate immediately due to a myriad of reasons are forced to put their property on the market. But at the same time, they are very sensitive to price their property to sell, rather than asking outlandish and unrealistic prices.

The higher priced Boston luxury homes that came on the market earlier and have not sold, are now soliciting bids at much lower prices.

Whether on the market or unlisted, sales are happening during the summertime, just in a more unconventional manner than in the high season. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great to buy real estate for a good value. Contact me to explore your next move this summer.


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