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Strong Boston Luxury Real Estate Housing Market

September 8, 2012 |

With a strengthening Boston luxury real estate market , more  sellers have confidence that they can get a good price for their property. A recent flood of inventory has come on the market, and it is important to differentiate your Boston condo from others.

Marketing Your Boston Condo to Sell
The first impression is always the MOST important part of marketing your home to potential buyers. To ensure your property is promoted most effectively, here is some advice based on my experience as a Boston luxury real estate agent:

  • Make sure your property is “stage ready.” You love your home and it fits your needs exactly the way it’s arranged and furnished; however, it doesn’t necessarily meet the taste and requirement of  the majority of buyers.  I recommend consulting an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with staging high-end properties for sale.
  • Highlight all great features that are not readily visible, including incredible views from specific parts of the house, huge garage space available, features in the garden or on the balcony,  detail/brand of appliances (rather than just high end appliances), etc.
  • Needless to say, a vivid and detailed description of the property is imperative for buyers, so that when they read the marketing material, they need to feel like they are looking at the layout and can visualize the floor plan. A full and detailed description serves as a warm invitation to view the property. It definitely has a direct impact on amount of potential buyer traffic.
  • Equally as important as a vibrant description are exceptional photos that enhance the unique home features. Capturing different rooms and any outdoor space is crucial as well.

If you are planning to sell, do your homework and get your property market-ready. It’s not an easy task. It involves planning, organization and hard work, but it will certainly pay off when several buyers are interested in making an offer. Contact me to market your home and get the best offer possible.


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