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Strategy for Boston Luxury Real Estate Deals During the Holidays

December 16, 2017 |

Given much commotion during the holiday season, some Boston luxury homes sellers opt to take their properties off the market and put them back on after the holidays. Some of these properties may have been on the market for a while without getting enough traction. In these cases, sellers feel that it might be a good time to take a rest and be fresh on the market after a few months, hoping to generate more enthusiasm.

Other sellers may simply feel that they have too much going on with events during the holiday season and don’t want to be bothered with keeping their Boston luxury homes in a “show-case” condition during this time. Needless to say that the strong real estate agents are still making sure that if there is “one perfect buyer” and a good match for a particular luxury property currently off the Boston luxury real estate market, they’ll get access and show the property to the buyer.

Although the Boston luxury real estate market tends to slow down somewhat in November/December, it by no means dies down. In fact, some of the buyers who were sitting on the sidelines will get inspired by the holiday shopping season and end up buying a home faster than expected. It could be a present to their family, or just the right time to make the investment.

It is actually a perfect deal-making time for both buyers and sellers. With fewer buyers, the pressure is slightly off, and they don’t feel that they have to overpay for an off-the-market luxury property. By the same token, sellers feel that a bird in hand is better than….

The holiday season creates a win-win situation for both parties involved in the real estate process. Contact me anytime to explore your next move. Have a very happy holiday season! 


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