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Stay Away from Personalizing Your Home too Much

October 21, 2017 |

It is wise to rethink any construction project in your Boston luxury home that makes it uniquely your own. Construction is not cheap, especially when we are talking about high end finishes and highly stylized design.

Keep it in mind that your Boston luxury home is a place where different rooms and spaces cater to your needs and lifestyle, which may not necessarily work for anyone else. Depending on your family’s’ needs, you can create a layout and floor plan that suits your life perfectly, but keep in mind that the $$$ spent in creating a highly personalized space will most likely not work for a future buyer.

Go ahead with all the changes as long as you are comfortable with the idea that this is just for your specific needs, and the next Boston luxury real estate buyer may have to tear down all your beautiful work. The cost to adjust highly personalized layout and finishes can be negotiated by the Boston luxury home buyer, if it doesn’t fit their needs.

I have been confronted with this situation one too many times where the sellers have spent a fortune to make their Boston luxury real estate workable for them, but buyers are confused by the set up. They are either reluctant to pay the market price for a house that has already been renovated to a very high end standard, or the sellers are reluctant to re-negotiate the price. This is a major hurdle and stumbling block for both buyers and sellers.

Please be mindful that we all have different needs and tastes, and it’s important not to go overboard. I encourage you not to invent layouts, colors or finishes that may only work for you.



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