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Spring Cleaning Boosts the Value of Your Boston Home

March 9, 2013 |

With the spring real estate market around the corner, sellers are beginning to get their Boston home ready to list on the market. There are a few things to remember in order to boost the appeal and increase your offer price.

Boston Real Estate Sellers Must Create Outdoor and Indoor Appeal
Living in New England, we never know what the weather will do in five minutes. Although spring is technically starting next month, it could very well snow in April. So, sellers should make their Boston home as cheerful and pleasant as possible. Even if it’s snowing outside, the buyer should feel springtime energy indoors.

If you have outdoor space, obviously plants and flowers can’t be planted until mid-May. So, in order to avoid looking at a barren deck/terrace/back yard, you may want to think of displaying some artificial greenery – I’m always amazed what a difference it makes. The cost is minimal and it makes the out door spaces a lot more inviting and interesting to look at from the inside.

As for the interior — the standard clean up is necessary, including paint touch up (neutral colors, please) and de-cluttering as much as possible. Take away accessories, boxes, as many books as possible (if they are clogging the shelves). Get rid of any excess furniture in rooms, as this tends to look junky. Make the guest bedrooms or children’s bedrooms (if children have moved out) as neutral as possible and place their memorabilia in a box and store it.

It is amazing how much easier it is to sell a property that is free of clutter and in neutral tones and in a fairly good condition. These are quick, inexpensive fixes that make a big impact on your sell-ability and bottom line.

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