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Selling Boston Real Estate with a ‘Tap’ and a ‘Swipe’

January 25, 2015 |

With new age and high tech platforms, a new generation of paperless presentation and selling from construction plans has emerged. The new high rise residential building developers from the west coast to the east coast are trying to woo the potential buyers of Boston luxury condos and co-ops with every possible technological gadget and innovation known to date. They're aiming to pre-sell, or “virtual sell” Boston luxury condos that are yet to be built.

The sales office at the new Millennium Tower in Boston is dominated by technological tools, and their sales presentation is programmed with every ounce of data and all available bells and whistles. Prospective Boston luxury real estate buyers feel like they're sitting in their living room and watching a movie. Presentations include a high production overview of the building during and after construction, the development team, building amenities, floor plans, and location aerial views. Then individual units are illuminated, demonstrating their location in the building, with graphically represented views seen from the Boston luxury condos and all the finishes. The interactive sales pitch is effective, to the point and leaves nothing to the imagination. By the end of the presentation, buyers simply sign on the dotted line to reserve a unit and purchase the unbuilt property.

There’s even a display of different finishes, floors, appliances, stones and kitchen cabinets. Any changes in finishes, other than what’s on the plan, will have to wait until close and buyers can bring in your own vendor.

Units in new developments are fairly sold out before buyers can even walk into the actual buildings. This virtual sales concept is great for developers to get units off their hands quickly. It’s great for buyers, since they get the first pick of any unit. However, it doesn't work well for those who don’t have an active imagination and are very visual. But, that’s’ where your Boston real estate agent can help you and walk you through the process to make it easier to identify the ideal unit for you. There’s always a good fit for everyone - you just have to know what to look for and when you've found it.


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