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Save Time by Formulating Your Home Search Criteria

May 19, 2018 |

The biggest challenge for buyers and brokers is to formulate what they are looking for in Boston luxury homes. It’s helpful if buyers have a definite budget or location in mind to start their Boston luxury real estate search.

Having initial criteria is more crucial for investors than Boston luxury real estate buyers who will ultimately move into the property. Generally, the homeowners’ search for Boston luxury homes includes several locations, depending on their criteria and budget. It’s a different story with investors, who have a set budget and /or clear idea of location and type of property.

Yet, there are always buyers who just want to look everywhere hoping for the best value to match their budget, even if they’re not clear what that value or budget is. This obviously makes the search much broader, not to mention challenging in scope for both buyers and their brokers.

In most cases, Boston luxury homes buyers without any set criteria lose interest and move on. That’s why it’s good to have a clear idea what you’re looking for and communicate it to the broker to save everyone’s time. Have an idea of location and budget for your next home or real estate investment? Contact me to find out your options.


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