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Renovate or Buy Boston Luxury Real Estate?

March 30, 2015 |

I have been asked so many times by clients whether to renovate or buy new Boston luxury condos. Some renovations are extensive which would require them to move out completely. And in some cases, clients are out of their home for close to a year.

The move and entire renovation process has proven to be unpleasant for the most part and always takes much longer than expected. If you need to do an extensive renovation, my recommendation is to look at Boston luxury condos to buy that offer what you’d like to do in your present house and weigh the options. If your home needs a few minor touch-ups in order to sell, then I would advise to do it and make the home more marketable.

Extensive renovations that would require a complete move out and renting a home for extended periods of time not only takes a lot of time and planning, but also means trying to find another place to live in the short term. The short term housing situation is not always pleasant, convenient or cost effective. Boston luxury real estate clients often have to put their belongings into a storage as well.

It is normal to get very comfortable in the home you've lived in for awhile. Think of your long term plans and real estate objectives. Before making any Boston luxury real estate decision, make sure to weigh all options and speak to a real estate agent. They will will you explore a variety of scenarios and guide the wisest way to proceed.

Always keep in mind that change could be exciting, refreshing and rejuvenating. If you've been out of the housing market for awhile, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the options available.


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