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Remodeling Trend for Boston Luxury Homes

January 25, 2014 |

If you’re thinking of remodeling your Boston luxury home, consider the newest trend in the marketplace without necessarily sacrificing your needs and taste. Go to showrooms and check out what’s in style. Updating your home to reflect modern trends will increase the resale value.

Recent Trends in Boston Luxury Real Estate Property
For one thing, sustainable materials are the very much on trend for flooring. Like bamboo floors that are not only more durable, require less maintenance than oak or cherry, but they are also aesthetically beautiful. If you’re thinking of carpeting floors in your Boston luxury home, there are a variety of interesting weaves. Sisal cut carpets give a new and modern twist.

When it comes to the kitchen - trims, hardware, tile, stone and fixtures - all go through constant change. Aside from Corian, tile, granite or marble countertops, you now have a variety of other manufactured stones like Cesar stone or granite or marble with different finishes, polished or honed etc.. Glass backsplash tiles or even the vintage, old-fashioned subway tiles are also another trend worth checking out. If your stove or cook-top is electric, induction cook tops are a growing trend and extremely efficient and fast.

There are a variety of glass bathroom tiles worth looking at. Considering everyone's hectic daily schedule, no one has time to relax in a bathtub. Instead, big shower stalls with fancy shower heads pointed in all directions are very high in demand. Although it’s good to have a tub in one of bathrooms, as long as there are multiple bathrooms.

To finish off the renovation, re-painting is key. Make sure to see which color palettes are in demand. And in case you’re prepared for a large renovation investment to totally upgrade your home, smart homes are all the rage in Boston luxury real estate. All systems work on remote control and with a mere push of a button, you turn on or off everything.


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