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Real Estate Agents’ Sensitivity to Client Needs

October 17, 2015 |

Consumers pick and choose their Boston luxury real estate agents based on reputation, referrals from friend and coworkers or merely through ads or open houses. One thing that differentiates a good agent from another, is not only their broad knowledge of the market in different areas and acute awareness of all types of properties, but most importantly, their sensitivity to your needs and trying to match the two. Otherwise, time is wasted for both parties.

That being said, some Boston luxury home buyers have to look at several factors when and if deciding to purchase a property. There are those who know exactly what they want, condo as oppose to a townhouse or a single family. Having lived in one or the other, they can more easily decide where their next Boston luxury real estate move will be.

For those more of an open mind or first time buyers, there are the following factors to consider:

1. Condo or single family? Each Boston luxury home offers a completely different life style. Single family gives buyers more freedom, since you’re in control of your domain. Condos are hassle free, especially ones in luxury buildings with super amenities, garage parking (valet or self park), concierge, gym, onsite maintenance etc. Even in smaller buildings, there’s a degree of shared maintenance (for which you have monthly condo fees) that requires less work for homeowners than a single family. At the same time, homeowners have to follow rules and regulations of the building whether you like it or not. Both scenarios have pros and cons, depending on your personal preference.

2. Getting the best bang for your buck means making a decision on which Boston neighborhoods you should concentrate in buying. You may even have to look in areas you hadn’t thought of exploring, for example the city v.s. the burbs, commuting or not, having to modify the size of current Boston luxury home.

3, If you were to get a loan, make sure you have consulted with your lender as well. The rates vary slightly for condos versus single family homes.

4, Have a solid knowledge of all options, and be prepared to compromise.

I'm always available to discuss any of these considerations further. Call me to explore your options for buying or selling luxury real estate.


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