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Preparing for a Boston Home Inspection

April 27, 2013 |

Sellers should prepare in advance for their home inspection to get the most value possible. Inspectors are there to point out all the defects of the house and identify what is not working, and rightfully so. First-time home buyers or even buyers in general may not understand the mechanics of an inspection report and get alarmed or jump to unnecessary conclusions.

Boston Luxury Condos Are Not Immune to the Inspection Process
To have a successful inspection, sellers need to work towards getting their property ready for sale and for inspection prior to the closing process. In some states or countries, sellers do an inspection and include the inspection report with the listing sheet, so there are no surprises or hidden skeletons in the closet. By doing this, the Boston home seller knows in advance what the defects are. The seller may choose not address the repair and simply disclose it to the buyer.

Big ticket items, like the roof or heating system, are fairly costly to replace, and the seller may simply adjust the property price to accommodate such replacements. The Boston home buyer then makes an educated decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

To avoid “nickel & diming” during negotiations, the seller should address smaller repairs before putting their property on the market. It’s smart to make sure all windows work, cracks are patched and repainted, wiring is in good shape, appliances are in working order, doors are operational and leaks have been repaired. Insignificant repairs require a day or two of a handyman’s time and are certainly worth addressing before listing your home.

Some sellers may even go further and remodel kitchen and baths. New kitchen and baths are extremely attractive to buyers. Of course, luxury homes are not immune to small repairs, so it’s important to make sure everything is in order prior to a home inspection.

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