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Pocket Listings in Boston Real Estate

July 20, 2013 |

Tired of waiting to find a home in Boston? If you've been searching for real estate recently, you're already aware that there are too many buyers for too few properties. Most buyers in the current Boston real estate market are savvy, have ample access to the Internet and know the minute a property hits the market.

MLS Doesn't Include All Available Homes in Boston 
Most buyers have setup email notifications on MLS and other real estate sites, so they are hyper aware of the properties available that fit specific criteria. However, in this hot and rare Boston real estate market, there are many properties that are sold privately or through “pocket listings”.

My advice to buyers is: Don’t underestimate the value of an experienced agent - regardless how much Internet research you have conducted or how up to date you are with all on-the-market properties. There are other ways of finding a home.

Some sellers don’t wish to put their properties on an open market, but ask their agent to show the property if and when they have a qualified buyer. The agent, in turn, talks to other agents quietly and through word of mouth marketing, scopes out potential buyers. The advantage of working with a good and experienced agent is that he/she knows the market and the properties well and has access to  these desirable pocket listings. Additionally, an experienced agent can contact past clients to see if they’d like to sell, if the agent feels that their client's property is the right match.

Work with a smart real estate agent to find the right home for you. Buyers have the ability to be hyper educated on the market, but agents have insider knowledge you can't find online.


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