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Luxury Real Estate Investment

October 1, 2016 |

When there’s economic or political uncertainty, consumers are trying to find ways to minimize the risk and maximize the return on their investment. This is nothing new. The question becomes, ‘what is the least risk averse way of achieving this goal?’ Brick & mortar, i.e. real estate…

One can never go wrong investing in Boston luxury real estate in times of uncertainty. Even if the market crashes, the consumer has always something to hold on to. The banks, stocks and commodities may come and go as money may disappear into the thin air, but this just isn’t the case with real estate investments.

Through most recent Boston luxury homes transactions, I have come across many buyers who are purchasing Boston luxury real estate either as an investment and dispersing their cash into “real” commodities and hoping to cash out in a few years. Or, some are buying property to live in and increase their purchasing power for a larger or more expensive property with more cash down payments. Their thought is Boston luxury real estate is a better “bang for their buck” than saving through an investment portfolio.

Needless to say that Boston luxury homes have proven to be a sure investment over time. Even if the economic or political outlook may not be as bright, or if the property values stay flat for a short while, we’ve never seen the down-spiral fall as dramatically as the rest of the country.

Real estate buyers, local or foreign, are recognizing the value of high-end real estate in Boston that will always remain strong.


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