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Looking for Property as a Couple

June 2, 2012 |

For the most part, couples agree on their Boston condos wish list, and the criteria are generally similar. Once in a while though, I get married clients who have a totally different wish list. Not only does this create relationship stress, it can become quite a challenge for the Boston luxury real estate agent. Fortunately these occasions are rare. With some experience and a bit of diplomacy on the agent’s part, the property search can end happily.

I recommend that couples make an individual wish list before starting their Boston condos search. There’s always at least one item, if not several, that is common to both lists. It is important to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. So try to eliminate all the things that you could live without and don’t be afraid to compromise. You may find two or three things that neither of you can live without, otherwise known as must-haves. It could be parking, an elevator, outdoor space, etc.

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Most people adapt to their Boston condos easily, and it all comes down to a question of habit. For example, if you’re used to gas cooking but there is no gas in the building, don’t walk away. There are newer alternatives to gas cooking that are far superior. Or, if the bedrooms are slightly smaller than you’re used to, you can adapt to make it work, if the Boston luxury real estate property has many other attributes that you like.

Don’t forget that you’re moving from a familiar house to a property that it is not home yet. It takes time to create a comfortable, relaxing environment. Remember that most properties can be adapted to your way of life and comfort level. Keep an open mind when looking at Boston luxury real estate and learn to compromise.

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