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Limited Inventory in the Fall Market

September 23, 2017 |

As buyers have been experiencing a very tight Boston luxury real estate market for quite some time now, their hope is that the fall market will be flooded with more inventory. Historically, the spring and fall markets tend to be busier than other times.

In the fall, Boston luxury home buyers and sellers have a shorter window of buying and selling due to the approaching holiday season. September, October and part of November are active months, and then the Boston luxury real estate market slows down. In contrast, the spring market starts in February and goes through June. However, nothing is according to the “norm” anymore.

With inventory being so limited lately, Boston luxury home buyers are purchasing at any time, regardless of seasonal market trends. Some buyers keep hoping that the inventory will be more in the fall; but sellers, knowing that the selling season is short, don’t want to risk putting their property on the  market if the market is slowing down during the holidays. So, many seasoned brokers approach their Boston luxury home sellers who are planning to sell off-market and facilitate the sale.

I wish we had a crystal ball and knew what the inventory will be like in the fall or thereafter. But given the past couple of years, buyers should know that the spring and fall market frenzy is a myth, and the buying season is year-around in Boston. When you see a property you like, you have to be ready to pull the trigger and buy. To be aware of all the available properties to purchase, work with your favorite agent to keep you informed on all the off-market listings.


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