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How to Pick a Contractor for Luxury Homes

March 4, 2017 |

When the time comes that your Boston luxury home requires renovation, you need to get it done right. Regardless of the scope of work, whether it’s a gut renovation, replacing systems, the Boston luxury real estate façade, or just a simple repair, you need to be well informed about who to hire. It always comes back to haunt owners if they have to completely redo the project, because they hired an inexperienced contractor.

The spring / summer seasons are generally when Boston luxury real estate homeowners are more motivated to hire a contractor to address the repairs or any work needed in the house. The first step is always to speak to someone, a friend or colleague, who’s had a positive experience with a contractor. Recommendations and the experience of people you know are more valuable than those you find online.

Based on word of mouth and reputation, you should interview two or three contractors and make sure that everything is spelled out as clearly as possible and there would be no hidden agenda nor surprises after the Boston luxury home renovation project begins. In the case of brand new construction or gutting, even with a contract in place, more often than not there will be some unexpected surprises. Or you may want to have a “change work order” in some areas that you hadn’t thought of initially. In this case, you add to your initial work estimate.

Always remember any work you do on your Boston luxury home adds to the value or sell-ability of the property. Cheap work will not sustain the wear and tear, but well done renovations enhance the property. Either don’t do it, or do it right. Contact me for several well-experienced contractor recommendations for your next renovation.


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