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How to Get Creative with Outdoor Terrace Space

March 24, 2018 |

Outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, decks, terraces and roof decks are major selling points in Boston luxury homes. Some buyers are influenced by outdoor space as much as kitchens. Many Boston luxury homes owners invest a considerable amount of money hiring landscape designers to create lush and inviting spaces with grills and fire pits. The challenge is how to transform the space, so that it’s functional on the outside and pleasing to the eye from the inside, so it adds value to the Boston luxury real estate.

In some cases, the outdoor space that is brilliantly planted and tastefully furnished outweighs the shortcomings of the property’s interior. Therefore, it is important to pay much attention to the outdoor space, however small and/or insignificant the space may be. Get creative and spend time planting flowers and add some furniture if the outside spaces of Boston luxury homes can accommodate.

Given the cold New England weather, there are all kinds of options to consider. There are attractive, artificial plants and hedges that can temporarily make the outdoor space look green, especially if you are intending to sell a property during the winter months. There’s nothing worse than looking out from a window into a barren and dry patio or terrace.

In the city, there are some decks that are surrounded by a brick wall, and these Boston luxury real estate owners often cover the wall with inexpensive artificial hedges. I have seen some exquisite “vertical” gardens on brick or cement walls. Vertical gardens are very popular on decks and gardens that don’t get much direct light. Gardens are possible on cement walls! Just make sure your outdoor space is designed and vibrant looking to increase the overall value of your home. Contact me to maximize the value of your luxury home.


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