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How to Boost Your Home Value to Sell it Quickly

July 8, 2017 |

To sell Boston luxury homes quickly, there are a few sensible steps you need to take to expedite the process. First and foremost, you have to be open to suggestions. It goes without saying that selling Boston luxury real estate and moving is a tedious process, especially if you have lived in the same place for a long time. To start the process, you should get an opinion of value from your Boston luxury real estate agent.

Try to de-clutter as much as possible. You have to pack and move anyway, so you might as well do it now. Put personal items away. If your décor is over 15 years  old, it is best to remove everything, like outdated shades, curtains,  pillows, lamps etc, regardless of their condition. Older, more traditional décor typically ages the property and gives buyers the impression that the property needs work. A savvy Boston luxury real estate  agent will have recommendations for an organizer and packer to help during this essential process.

Now that the space is decluttered, make any necessary repairs, paint, stage indoor plants, etc.

Stage your property. A few dollars goes a long way. By giving Boston luxury homes  a fresh look, you’ll sell the property faster and for more money than if you had not staged it. Staging has become a very important component of the sale. This is not where you want to save a few pennies.

Thinking about selling your Boston home? I’m happy to meet with you anytime and provide a home valuation to begin the process.


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