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Historic vs. Contemporary Boston Luxury Homes

October 29, 2016 |

As we all know well enough, nothing in life stays the same…including real estate. Needs, expectations, lifestyle and standards of living change with time. What was once admired and cherished in residential architecture may no longer align with today’s modern way of living.

Boston is full of architecturally beautiful homes with intricate details, formal wood paneled rooms, moldings and bridal staircases. Some of these Boston luxury homes, mostly built in the late 1800’s, are of historical importance in terms of architecture as well as the profile of its residents.

Few of these Boston luxury homes have been painstakingly restored to their original grandeur, and some even to the last detail of wall paper, carpeting etc. The restorations are museum quality. However, the majority of buyers and modern families love to see these historic homes, but prefer a more contemporary, less formal interior.

On one hand, it is criminal to destroy the intricate detail in these older homes; but, on the other hand the majority of interiors of these luxury homes have been altered to accommodate a modern and more relaxing life style. Some Boston luxury real estate buyers opt to completely redesign the interior. Others try to keep some of the details and design around it. Either way, these transformations make older luxury homes “more” desirable for resale.

Buyers in today’s marketplace can relate to the modern finishes and picture themselves living there. On the flip side, as much as they admire the restored details, they have a harder time visualizing themselves living in a formal setting. For most part, Boston luxury real estate property owners and admirers of historic properties go through extensive expense to re-create the old world, but should not be disappointed when others don’t appreciate it as much. The buyer pool will be more limited.


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