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Helping Parents Downsize from a Boston Luxury Home to Less Square Footage

July 26, 2014 |

As parents age, depending on their needs and wishes, their living situations can also change. Some move to the city to be in the center of excitement and benefit from all the cultural activities Boston has to offer. They still enjoy going to theaters, symphony, belonging to different clubs and activity circles and thrive on being involved in Boston neighborhoods and local community.

There are also those who opt for a more serene and quiet lifestyle in a more structured and defined environment. Either way, it is a daunting task to initiate a move from a larger Boston luxury home with so many years of memories, memorabilia and accumulation of “stuff” to a smaller living space. To minimize the stress of a large scale move, your parents organizing to make the move a more pleasant and less daunting experience.

Hiring Professionals for a Pleasant Downsizing Experience
If you’re not living in the same city to help them with the move and have no means of spending a few days to help, there are companies who will take care every detail — getting items appraised and auctioned, having yard sales, emptying closets and drawers full of unwanted stuff and have them thrown out, packing and determining what is needed in the new Boston luxury real estate space. There are professionals who do this efficiently, effortlessly, painlessly and stress free. It also minimizes a lot of wear and tear on the family members who often are very emotional parting from all the things they have collected throughout the years. Family can be reluctant to sell items, due to sentimental value, so it’s incredibly valuable to work with professionals through the process and simplify as much as possible.

Moving to a smaller, more efficient and manageable Boston luxury home is really fun at that stage of life. You can just lock up your Boston luxury home and travel for extended periods of time without worrying about the upkeep and maintenance. Needless to say, there are empty nesters who are moving to the city, not necessarily to “down size”, but for the convenience of a professionally managed, full-service building with all the amenities, such as a health club, food service, concierge services, etc.

Regardless of your specific family situation, the Boston luxury real estate moving process can absolutely be a manageable and even pleasant experience. I’m happy to recommend professional movers if you need a reference.


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