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Having an Open Mind When Buying Boston Real Estate

January 12, 2013 |

Interestingly enough I worked with several buyers last year who were very focused and adamant about what they were looking for and had a wish list of “must haves” and had a preference for building style and unit finishes. It turned out that they all ended up buying something very unexpected, to the point that even their children were pleasantly surprised with their new Boston home.

When Selecting a New Boston Home: Never Say ‘Never’
Coming from a formal and traditional surrounding, some buyers ended up in ultra-contemporary buildings surrounded by steel and glass. Or they ended up decorating their new traditional unit with very contemporary furniture and style. Either way, their ultimate decision was contrary to what they originally had in mind and they got very excited with the result…and even surprised themselves at their own versatility.

The point is, “never say never” when it comes to Boston real estate. Change is always good and exciting. Keeping an open mind and broadening your horizons could be refreshing and result in a positive change. Buying a house is a new beginning, so why not start with an open mind and forget about ingrained ideas that may prevent you from considering all available properties.

For the most part, buyers are fairly flexible and willing to look at properties they consider “out-of-the-box” when they begin their Boston real estate search. It’s important to look at everything in your price range in a variety of areas to understand all available options. Boston is an ever-changing city, so most buyers are usually familiar with one or two neighborhoods, but let your expert agent introduce you to new neighborhoods, properties and possibilities.

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