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Get Your Home Ready for Summer with This To-Do List

June 2, 2018 |

Thinking of selling your Boston luxury home or maybe you’ll move at some point in the near future? Start thinking ahead and declutter your home now.

It is truly amazing how much stuff people accumulate daily and then try to make space for whatever is acquired. So many people just stuff things in closets or out somewhere out of sight to deal with it later.

But when the time comes to move and sell your Boston luxury home, it becomes a daunting task to sort what you can live with or without, what is needed and what should be thrown out or given away. I go through this exercise with many Boston luxury real estate sellers in the course of the year.  As you can imagine, empty-nesters are left with the most stuff to sort through and de-clutter.

Spring cleaning (or summer cleaning!) is a great excuse to devote a few hours here and there to get rid of old paperwork, obsolete files, knick-knacks, old clothes, dishes, and the list goes on.

De-cluttering makes your Boston luxury home appear much neater, and gives it healthier feng shui all around. It also makes any future move much less stressful.

I have had Boston luxury real estate clients who needed to move within a short period of time and pack years of belongings. One can imagine how stressful and hard it could be especially for those who have to part with years of memories.

To avoid the unnecessary emotional stress and the inevitable time crunch, plan ahead and tackle the decluttering process a little at a time. Tis the season!


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