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Empty Nesters’ Dilemma: Stimulating Boston Condo vs. Suburban Dream Home

November 17, 2012 |

I had an interesting conversation with a client last weekend. They are empty nesters in their late 40’s/early 50’s, live in a great suburb and have been contemplating buying a Boston condo for years. They have explored the idea periodically and looked at properties without any urgency in some of the best Boston neighborhoods, like Back Bay/South End/Beacon Hill.

Weighing Your Boston Home Options
My clients have been thinking more about the move recently, but have a dilemma. They have seen the house of their dreams in another suburb; however, they’re still drawn to the energy and excitement of metro Boston neighborhoods. They’re struggling with their next move - buy the house of their dreams in the burbs, or forget about it and concentrate on their final move to Boston.

[caption id="attachment_780" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Boston Home Suburban Dream Home in Brookline, Mass.[/caption]

Needless to say that moving to Boston will be a different story in terms budget. But for arguments sake, let’s assume that money is no object. In my experience, I’ve seen younger buyers adjust more easily to their new neighborhoods than older couples. There is a rich cultural and culinary world in Boston to take advantage of, and it’s much easier to make friends and join different interest groups while younger.

However, if there’s a financial question and one is on a tight budget, then they would have to reduce their expectation in terms of housing.  They may not get their “dream house” in metro Boston, as most Boston condos are more compact. Instead, they will gain close proximity to so many cultural activities and ongoing social events. Boston is a vibrant, buzzing city with an extensive social calendar.

[caption id="attachment_781" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Luxury Boston Condo Condo on Boylston St in Le Jardin Boutique Building[/caption]

There is no right answer between the city and the suburbs, because each has its pros and cons. Every buyer has different needs, so you have to think about what is best for you, what you can live with and what you are willing to sacrifice.

Contact me to discuss your options further! I work extensively in metro Boston and surrounding suburbs, including Brookline. It’s my pleasure to help weigh the pros and cons of your next move.


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