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Demand for Larger Boston Luxury Real Estate Units

April 19, 2014 |

With a stronger residential real estate market in general, Boston is seeing higher demand for larger condo units. Families living in Boston want to stay in the city and don’t necessarily want vertical living.

Boston Luxury Homes Offer City Living without Compromising Space
Another reason demand for larger condos has increased is due to empty nesters unwilling to downsize. They are looking for similar square footage as their suburban homes, but on one level and in full service buildings. High-end buildings provide ease and a comfortable lifestyle, especially when their children and/or grand children come to visit and spend time with them.

Luxury Boston real estate living also encourages their families to visit more often to enjoy the city life. Living in the suburbs isn't as glamorous or exciting.  Boston will obviously provide more forms of cultural and physical activities for all ages.

Seeing this increased demand for larger Boston luxury homes and condominiums, developers are very sensitive to this transformation. They have begun creating and supplying larger residences to fulfill the increased need. They also raise the possibility of combining several residences on the same floor if a Boston luxury homes buyer wanted a larger unit that wasn't already available in the building.

Some buildings built a few years ago were designed in such a way that adjoining units cannot necessarily be combined due to placement of structural beams or mechanical pipes. The mindset of design and development has changed since then. Developers are now  thinking of all angles and future possibilities and leaving options open for larger units to meet individual needs. Take advantage if these exciting possibilities and get involved in these new renovation projects from conception to create your larger than life Boston condo.


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