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Demand for Larger Boston Luxury Real Estate Condo Units is Increasing

March 29, 2014 |

There were times that only a certain segment of the population would live in Boston luxury condos and apartments, but that certainly has changed. Condo or apartment dwelling was  popular among very young or very old, but condos are in much higher demand for a wide range of buyers, including families now.

Boston Luxury Condo Buyers Not Forced to Downsize 
Boston,  like NYC or any other large metropolis, is now changing the image of traditional condo buyers. Metro areas are becoming a more desirable and fun place to live. Families who enjoy living in large homes with great entertaining spaces are searching for Boston luxury real estate and trying to duplicate the lifestyle they’re used to without necessarily sacrificing any space.

I have a couple of clients moving from six and seven bedroom homes to Boston luxury condos. Although their children are grown and moved away, they would like identical square footage and number of rooms in Boston where they can enjoy the benefits of city living without downsizing or dealing with the hassle of maintenance issues.

Boston real estate agents are seeing the demand for much larger condos in the city. The sale of larger condos on or off the market is unprecedented. Four and five bedroom condos hit the market and sell quickly (if priced right). Nowadays it is very common to see children in the elevator and hallways of big buildings whereas like never before.

The City of Boston has so much to offer  and caters to all ages with a broad range of activities and entertainment. We are seeing more of a migration from the suburbs to the city.  Interested in some of the larger properties on the market now? Contact me to find out which spacious condos are available.


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