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Deals in the Fall Boston Real Estate Market vs. Springtime

November 22, 2014 |

Although the Boston real estate market is strong in all seasons, there seem to be more listings that are put on the market in the spring. Sellers feel their properties showcase better in the spring, and they don’t have to deal with buyers trekking snow and mud into their Boston luxury homes in bad weather.

There are still a fair number of listings that do come on the market in the fall. Boston luxury homes sellers in the fall market are not as inclined to test the market for higher prices and are more serious about selling their property. The fall sale market is a very short window, since once the holidays roll in, buyers get more and more distracted.

Given the sellers’ enthusiasm to put their properties on the market in the fall indicates the level of the seller’s motivation to sell and are generally more flexible and negotiable on the price. This makes the fall market a good time to buy property at a more reasonable price. Although you may not have as many options, financially the fall market may make more sense, depending on your buying power.

I had a buyer who was interested in a luxury property in the spring, but the seller was very firm on his price. The property did not sell and went off the market in the summer. Once it went back on the market in the fall with a slightly reduced price, the buyer offered a considerable lower price than the one he had offered in the spring. Low and behold, the offer was accepted. Fall is a good shopping month for Boston real estate buyers. Interested in what's on the market right now? Contact me to find out your options.


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