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Boston Real Estate 2015: Time to Make A Move

January 12, 2015 |

If you’re looking to buy a home or a Boston luxury condo, you should not wait any longer. Don’t think twice about buying in the current market. Here's why: prices are becoming more stable due to the glut of new properties coming on the market. Additionally, interest rates are staying low in 2015, and the economy as a whole is on a rebound.

Prior to 2015, Boston real estate market prices were fairly exorbitant, especially the luxury listings. Boston has been ranked among the highest priced real estate in the country, so we set the bar pretty high. Now with so many luxury tower developments, we see more Boston luxury condos sellers putting their properties on the market and the inventory is opening up which is great news. There are still few properties, single family homes or Boston luxury condos that we see no sign of slowing down, and they're hot as ever; but these are only exceptions.

With the abundance of luxury residential developments in a variety of different Boston neighborhoods, there’s bound to be a glut in the luxury marketplace. Some of the new towers are equipped with amenities like full fitness centers, garage parking, or convenience stores including Whole Foods (at Ink Block) or Roche Brothers (at Millennium Towers). Other buildings have private club rooms and restaurants, among other exclusive, appealing amenities.

Boston real estate buyers have the luxury of picking and choosing where to live. Even though there’s not much negotiating in the new buildings, you can negotiate for an upgrade in floors, appliance packages, etc. It certainly varies from building to building, so having an experienced real estate agent can help guide the negotiation process.

Buyers are sitting in the driver's seat in 2015. Make your move.


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