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Boston Luxury Home Transformations Can Be Dramatic

February 17, 2018 |

For the most part, Boston luxury home buyers are better at visualizing a space that is already completed and staged.  Needless to say, buyers have different needs, taste and vision of spaces that might work for them. It’s hard for them to visualize complete transformation of an existing home that could be tailored to their needs and taste.

Contemporary condos in Boston luxury real estate high rise buildings have been made been made to look like they belong to another century by just adding wood paneling, wainscoting, adapting interior and finishes to match the era. On the other hand, spaces that are too traditional in older buildings are ripped apart and made into airy, lofty and very contemporary open spaces by removing a few walls with clean and streamlined finishes. The transformation is so dramatic that it is hard to believe.

So, when Boston luxury home buyers are looking for one type of design or another, they should realize that anything is possible within the confines of the condo walls. Of course, some buyers may not have the time to make these renovations, but if they’re willing to accept that customization is possible and the end result will get them what they need…renovations will open more options. Especially in a tight, low inventory Boston luxury real estate market, it’s an option worth consideration.

There are some spectacular homes on the market with a lot of potential that don’t please the eye at first glance. But with a vivid imagination and a trusted contractor, the space could be incredible.


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