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Bathroom Renovation for Your Boston Luxury Condo

July 21, 2012 |

If you have purchased your Boston home several years ago, it is probably time to think about upgrading it a little bit. Small improvements go a long way and add a lot to the property value.

Sell Your Boston Home: Update the Bathrooms and Kitchen 

Bathrooms and kitchens ultimately sell the property, as I’ve discussed before. Let’s look at bathroom renovations today, including types, number of baths, etc. If you only have one full bathroom in the house, think about adding a half bath or powder room if space allows. Also do some quick research to find out the new trend. For example, are decorators recommending tile versus marble/limestone, what sink sizes and shapes are popular, what paint colors are generally used?

One thing to always bear in mind is the “resale value” of your Boston luxury condo. Make sure that the finishes are not too personalized in case you are selling the property at some point. There are tiles/marbles/slabs/ and other finishes that never age and are always elegant and up to date, regardless. See what the trend is and follow it closely, without necessarily following it all the way.

All trends have a short shelf life. Complicated designs, stones and colors don’t last long and they can look dated fairly quickly. If your Boston home has several baths, make sure that one bath has a tub. Not all baths need tubs; large glass enclosed showers are currently the trend and are becoming very popular for people with busy schedules. It’s more time efficient to jump in the shower rather than take a long tub bath.

[caption id="attachment_703" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Luxury Condo Boston Classic Master Bathroom with Walk-in Shower and Soaking Bathtub at 49 Comm Ave[/caption]

Typically these days, I see Boston luxury condos with a shower in the master bath instead of a bathtub. Keep in mind that bath fixtures and vanities can be fairly costly. If you spend some time shopping around, you can easily find a reasonably priced fixture that will give you the same rich look without overspending.

I’ve worked with wonderful contractors and designers, and am happy to connect you with someone who can transform your bathroom to sell your home! Contact me for more information.


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