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Advice for Sellers: Avoid Listing Your Boston Luxury Real Estate as For Sale By Owner

October 18, 2014 |

In this economy, some Boston luxury homes sellers get too eager and think they can sell their property without a broker. Negotiation is an art that experienced brokers have in putting deals together. Savvy Boston luxury real estate agents make sure that both buyers and sellers are happy with the results and get the best guidance and advice.

The Importance of Negotiating Through a Third Party
For buyers, it is important to have a representative to know what they are getting into. They need someone who knows the ins and outs of the property they are buying and to make sure that there aren’t any unknown or hidden facts or problems. Boston luxury home sellers who work without a broker may not necessarily get favorable results. It is always advisable to have a buffer, hence an experienced broker, to negotiate and deal with issues that may come up during the course of negotiation or due diligence period.

From experience, I know that parties are always more receptive, less emotional and open to discussion through a third party. I have seen too many Boston luxury real estate deals fall through with buyers and sellers dealing directly with each other.

In some cases where sellers would like to list their property, but they indicate that friend(s) are interested in making an offer before the property goes on the market. In almost all instances, the negotiation with friend(s) has never materialized, due to price or terms. The seller may not have all the tools to negotiate a reasonable offer, or may get too emotional or intimidated to best market their own property. Sellers who know better will refer the interested party to their broker to handle negotiation and finalize the sale.

Selling and buying is a process that it may seem simple and straight forward, but too many moving pieces come to play. Be wise and work with an experienced real estate agent who is working with your best interest in mind.


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