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The Next Booming Boston Neighborhood: Downtown

December 15, 2012 |

Who would have thought 5 years ago that downtown would be considered the hot new Boston neighborhood “du jour”? The city is expanding and new neighborhoods are being revived into vibrant and exciting places to live. More established areas, like Beacon Hill and the Back Bay, are being saturated with buyers and people are now looking for the newest desirable area to call home.

Boston Condo Development is Revitalized by "The Downtown Renaissance"
As development projects continue to get approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), the downtown Boston neighborhood is gaining a new vitality and is quickly becoming where more people want to live and invest their money. Some people have called it the “Downtown Renaissance”. Homeowners are becoming more interested in buying property downtown, which encourages more businesses to open retail spaces that can accommodate the new residents. More homes increase demand nearby restaurants and cultural centers as well.

The Combat Zone area just doesn’t exist today. Millennium Partners has completely renovated that whole area by building the two Ritz Towers 12 years ago. New developments have been surfacing ever since.  To name a few — the new 15 story Millennium Place with 256 super luxury Boston condos with gardens/terraces directly across from the movie theater being built on Washington Street. The Kensington Tower, a luxury apartment complex, is just down the road and 45 Province offers gorgeous luxury condos. There is also a new 240-room boutique hotel on Temple Place and 50 mid-priced apartment complexes on Winter Street in a converted office building. Lafayette Place is another brand new addition to the Downtown Boston neighborhood.

There are many office towers being developed as well. Construction on the site of the old Filene’s two towers will provide residential units and offices with another 100,000 square feet for retail. The hope is to attract a much needed super market for the area to accommodate the growing residential needs. In short, Downtown is the city’s hot new zip code.

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