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The Best Superlative Boston Luxury Real Estate Marketers Can Muster

February 14, 2015 |

To be honest, I think Boston luxury condo developers are running out of adjectives to describe their products. There are only so many ways to say it’s the "best property", the "most chic" unit available with the best panoramic views, the "most luxurious", etc. They end up trying to outdo one another in building new high rises and new development projects by using any superlative that exists in the dictionary and then some….. It’s becoming a bit comical.

Boston luxury real estate developers and their marketing teams behind these new projects are all saying “ mirror mirror on the wall….”, quoting someone who very aptly said this in an article recently. All these new developments offer more or less the same quality finishes when it comes to interiors, cabinetry, stones, fixtures with a few twists here and there. The manufacturers could differ from project to project, some may prefer German origin, as opposed to Italian or French, but they are all top quality. It's just a question of taste.

There’s no need to go overboard with the most ‘this’ or the most ‘that.’ New Boston luxury real estate developments all have garage parking and fitness centers. Most new larger projects have a club room and media room, while some have a hotel component with amenities provided to the residential units for a fee. Most people who purchase Boston luxury condo units in these buildings upgrade the interiors at their own cost anyway beyond the standard package offered by the builders.

It ultimately boils down to the property LOCATION, level of services, and COMFORT LEVEL the buildings provide. At the end of the day, buyers gravitate towards a neighborhood and its proximity to work and /or familiar stumping grounds.

I should also add that ANY new building attracts buyers who are interested in exploring the newest project in town. I caution my clients to purchase with their eyes wide open, and not buy into the fickle hype. There will always be another new project on the horizon.


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