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Selling New Construction Properties in Boston and Its Surrounding Neighborhoods

March 18, 2017 |

As we know, Boston luxury real estate buyers love brand new properties. For those buyers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of construction or renovation, new developments provide a turnkey-move-in condition.

However, if you are hoping to sell Boston luxury homes under construction, large complex developers have a complete presentation and pitch prepared. They provide a rendering of the finished product, so that buyers can visualize what the Boston luxury homes will look like once completed. They present not only the rendering and floor plans, but provide a sample of finishes, and in larger projects, showcase a model unit.

Buyers of single family homes, for the most part, don’t have access to such presentations. The developers/builders of lavish single family homes may not think of these details, and hope to sell these Boston luxury homes once they pour the foundation. In most cases, the absence of renderings and presentations leave the buyer without a firm grasp of the finished product.

I am dealing with a similar case in a high-end suburb where the Boston luxury real estate buyers can only see architectural plans. It is hard for the buyer to even visualize what the façade will look like. Developers will increase their chance of pre-selling their product when they have a full package prepared to entice buyers.


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