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Dramatic Developments in the Seaport District

January 20, 2018 |

There seems to be no end in sight to new Boston luxury real estate developments in the Seaport District. Every day I read about a new tower being proposed or approved. And the new one is bigger than the previous one!

The latest update is the new proposal to add 1,300 hotel rooms on a Summer Street site. It will somehow connect to the Convention Center via a covered foot bridge or a tunnel under Summer Street.

In addition, the State Regulators and the Dept. of Environmental Protection have given a nod to yet another 263,000 sq. ft. tower development on the site of Whiskey Priest. The public is obviously appealing the DEP ruling for a myriad of reasons. The outcome will obviously be instrumental for other waterfront developments and will impact owners of Boston luxury homes in the area.

With all the Boston luxury real estate developments in the Seaport, one would hope that the city will be improving and expanding the infrastructure. Otherwise, it will be great to visit, but a challenge for owners of Boston luxury homes, considering the increased density in the area causing congestion and traffic.

The Seaport District is a hot destination for commercial and residential Boston luxury real estate. Its growth certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon!



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