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Boston’s First Green District

June 16, 2012 |

At last, Boston is getting its own first green district in Allston, the upcoming new hot Boston neighborhood for young professionals. Allston is at the forefront of environmentally conscious development with a large $125M green housing project. With about 500 units built with sustainable materials, solar panels, energy efficient appliances and nearby Hubway bike rental stands near the Green line. These Boston condos will offer an all-around green lifestyle.

Allston, due to its proximity to Harvard and Boston University, has a large population of eco-aware individuals who are embracing the thought of living in an environmentally friendly surrounding. Tenants of the new Boston condos development will be required to sign a ‘green declaration’ which obliges them to be energy conscious, recycle and compost whenever possible.

In the last 6 or 7 years, I’ve seen more and more green renovations of luxury single family townhouses and luxury condo units in luxury Boston neighborhoods, including the Back Bay or South End. These green features are a major selling point, and buyers seem to gravitate towards eco-friendly housing. Green construction is attractive because the materials used are sustainable, energy saving and simply offers a healthier living space in your Boston condo.

Consumers are becoming more discriminating in their choice of living habits. Considering the food they make (more local/organic) and the cars they drive (eco-friendly hybrids). It certainly makes sense that this environmentally friendly choice is reflected in people’s real estate purchases. New houses in the Boston neighborhood suburbs are now generally installing solar panels on the roofs, among other energy conscious features.

I’m sure the Allston project will be a major success. It may be Boston’s first Green District, but it won’t be the last. The development is paving the way for the future of housing.


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