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Boston’s Downtown Business District

January 31, 2015 |

The revitalization of Boston’s downtown and business district has been a major success. Within the 34 square blocks of buildings from Chinatown to Post Office Square, one can see many new office buildings, 2,400 new Boston luxury condos with another 850 units in the pipeline. Additionally, 6 Hotels with 1 in the pipeline, 5 theaters, not to mention the number of cafes and restaurants opening up.

This Downtown “renaissance” brings new Boston luxury real estate residential buildings that attract many dwellers to live in the area and make the Downtown/business district a more lively place. Before the revitalization, the business district was active during the working hours and completely desolate and dark after hours with no real night life to speak of. This is not the case anymore.

The new Boston luxury condos developments have brought restaurants and cafes to the area that make the night life much more interesting and alive. Downtown is no longer deserted at night. With new great restaurants, cafes and theaters, it's bringing people from other neighborhoods to Downtown. New business and high tech companies are also being mobilized in the area.

The Boston luxury real estate in Downtown /Midtown include a number of exceptional residential buildings :

- 45 PROVINCE (constructed in 2009), 31 stories, 151 luxury condos
- MILLENNIUM PLACE (constructed in 2013) 15 stories, 265 condos
- KENSINGTON (constructed in 2013), 27 stories, 385 luxury rentals
- MILLENNIUM TOWER (2016 projection), 60 stories, 450 condos
- RADIAN (constructed in 2014) 26 stories, 200 rentals
- 45 STUARTn(under development), 29 stories, 404 rentals.

Several other buildings under development include: the Hotel Godfrey on Temple Place, a boutique hotel to be opened in 2015; Congress Square on Devonshire, a mix use hotel with residential units and retail; and Winthrop Square, a proposed mixed use hotel with residential and retail.

Boston luxury real estate is expanding, and every neighborhood is getting a a face lift with new vibrancy to experience.


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