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Boston versus New York Living

May 14, 2016 |

Details of two large scale projects are under review with Boston Redevelopment Authority. One, being the mixed use development proposed for Back Bay station. The two large 28-34 story residential buildings could possibly add an additional 240-360 or so residential units plus commercial and retail space in the area. New Boston luxury homes projects are taller and larger in scale than the last one built, and they keep coming on to the market.

Another new Boston luxury real estate proposal filed with the BRA is the 56 story residential-commercial building on Bromfield Street. This development is a stone throw from the new Millennium Tower that is in the process of being completed.

On one hand, it’s exciting to see all these new Boston luxury real estate developments that will attract new comers making the city more vibrant and cosmopolitan. On the other hand, unlike New York that regardless of where you live in Manhattan, residents have everything they need within a block or two. Luxury Boston homes just don’t seem to have the daily services needed to live in all local neighborhoods, just yet.

It is great that Boston luxury real estate keeps growing vertically but it will be good to have the infrastructure and services to go with all these developments. There have been a couple of large, much needed supermarkets opening in residential areas of the city, but other services are also sorely needed. Otherwise, it will be hard to make city living as comparable to Manhattan dwellings.


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