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Uncertainty Around Relocating Homes in Boston

April 4, 2015 |

A fascinating aspect of Boston luxury real estate is watching the hesitation or reservation, if you will, that some buyers have in deciding to relocate to different neighborhoods or towns. It is an educational process and some are more open than others.

Boston luxury condo buyers often move out of the city, because they want to advantage of the public school system in more suburban towns. Others decide to move within the city from one neighborhood to another to increase / decrease size of their Boston luxury condo, or to simply try a new life style in an up and coming part of the city that’s more exciting than the one they are used to.

The move could be challenging and/or daunting for those who have lived in their Boston luxury condo for as long as they can remember. Don’t expect to feel comfortable with your decision overnight. You need to get out and see all options available and then make a decision. This is particularly hard for those who have lived in the suburbs and love their big house, expansive yards and are used to their community and friends — mostly empty nesters whose children are grown.

There are exceptions to every rule though. I had a client who lived on Beacon Hill with a large family and decided to move to the suburbs. Not even a year into the move, they decided to move back into the city. My advice is to keep an open mind, and don’t think of any Boston luxury real estate move as permanent or long term, no matter how hectic the move may be.

Buyers who already live in the city, know more or less the areas or the size of the homes they’d like to move into. The buyers moving from suburban areas need more of an educational tour and have to see a variety of properties before making a final decision. That’s totally understandable. Make sure that you’re in the hands of a knowledgeable real estate agent who knows the market well.


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