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Spotlight on Historic Charlestown

January 28, 2012 |

Want to see the most incredible view of the city skyline? Take a walk to Charlestown, one of the best Boston neighborhoods for city gazing.  It is a stately town, tucked in between Boston’s North End and East Cambridge with many beautifully appointed Boston luxury condos. Residents are within walking distance of the North End, ie Boston’s ‘Little Italy’, and the famous authentic Italian restaurants.

Charlestown is a fascinating place to live, rich with historical value. It’s the site of Bunker Hill Monument - the first major battle of the American Revolution. The residential area surrounding the Monument, showcase the same historical architecture one would find in Beacon Hill or Back Bay.  

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You can’t live in Charlestown without visiting the Navy Yard where the USS Constitution, aka Old Ironside, is anchored - a very majestic, iconic ship over 200 years old that certainly adds character to the area and makes Charlestown one of the best Boston neighborhoods.

Most of the old warehouses and Navy buildings have been converted to great residential lofts, Boston luxury condos, and multi-level townhouses. The imposing Flagship Wharf is a newer luxury multi-level building on the harbor with gorgeous views of the city skyline. 

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The best thing about Charlestown Navy Yard is the commuter boat that transports passengers from the Navy Yard to Boston’s financial district. This is certainly a perk for residents who don’t want to take the train, bus, or walk across the blustery bridge to Boston.  Many people take advantage of living on the water and participate in The Courageous Sailing Center activities.

Hungry after sailing? Main Street is full of unique, privately owned restaurants. The Warren Tavern, built in 1780, is the most historic tavern in America and was visited by national heroes like George Washington and Paul Revere. It's still in full swing and serves delicious local fare.

Whether you’re raising a family, a young professional just starting a career, or a retiree enjoying new found free time, Charlestown is one of the best Boston neighborhoods to call home. Contact me to find out what Boston luxury condos are on the market in the area.


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