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More News & More Buildings in Boston’s Seaport District

January 16, 2016 |

Development in the Seaport is an ongoing saga. Every day we turn around, it seems like something pops up in the news about yet another new project or a new acquisition in the area.  The sight of multiple cranes and construction in the Seaport is staggering. Aside from the existing projects of the ultra-high end Liberty Place and others like it, Tishman Speyer is expected to construct the $500M luxury retail/office/condominium development on the site of the old Anthony’s Pier4 restaurant. This is great news for residential options for new Boston luxury homes.

The Pier 4 development is a joint venture with Chinese insurers Ping An and China Life.  Tishman Speyer also recently acquired One Channel Center for a reported $316.5M. Essentially, the Seaport area is the next Back Bay or South End. With vacant land and industrial warehouses, Boston luxury real estate developers are striving to create a combination of residential/commercial developments in the area.

Given the fact that this is a new Boston luxury real estate area with high rises and brand new construction, the landscape will be different from the historic and more established part of residential Boston where the neighborhoods such as Back Bay, Beacon Hill, North End etc. are defined by older brownstones built in the 1800’s. Fortunately, there are enough Boston luxury homes to fit everybody’s taste and life style, depending on individual needs and preference.

In a newly built area such as the Seaport, it is important to create a sense of neighborhood. This community already exists in the older residential areas, such as easy access to shops, food markets, drug store and public transportation etc. Boston luxury real estate residents love living in the city, especially since it’s so walkable, and there’s really no need to use their cars or public transportation every day. Everything you need is right around the corner and their beck and call.


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