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In-Depth Knowledge of the Greater Boston Luxury Real Estate Market

May 13, 2017 |

In the world we live in, a broad knowledge of our surroundings is not only a major asset, but almost a requirement. This is especially true for Boston luxury real estate agents. Given the variety, growth and shifting dynamics of different Boston neighborhoods, real estate agents should be comfortable and knowledgeable about all the surrounding areas to help educate their clients buy and sell successfully.

Then again, there are international or out-of-state buyers who are uncertain where they want to settle or even what their needs are. Do they need a Boston luxury home or a condo? Do they want to be in the city or within a 30 mile radius? Do they want to buy or rent? The Boston luxury real estate options are endless.

The best advice I can give to these buyers is to pick a very experienced and knowledgeable broker who knows the ins and outs of the greater Boston area. You only need ONE experienced broker. Otherwise, you would be spinning your wheels. The mistake most buyers make is working with different brokers in different townships, based on the recommendation of friends, colleagues or relocation companies.

Naturally, a town-specific broker wants to sell a Boston luxury home in the town they are familiar with and it’s tough to be objective about other areas. The real estate agent you pick should be candid enough to tell you that if you’re looking to buy beyond her/his sphere of influence, she/he will recommend someone else with a more extensive knowledge base.

For the most part, top Boston real estate agents are very comfortable showing their clients properties outside of the city. Having worked with such brokers and having full confidence, many buyers/sellers continue to rely on their agent regardless of their next move, nationally or even internationally.  That’s what differentiates a great real estate agent from the pack of others.


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