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Important Boston Neighborhood Amenities

January 9, 2016 |

When looking to buying a Boston luxury real estate property, whether it's the suburbs or different areas in the city, it is smart for buyers to know what is around them. Good walking parks are a great selling point in the city since most Boston luxury homes or condos may not have access to green outdoor space.

A supermarket or any food store in close proximity is a great amenity to have close to Boston luxury real estate. It is so great to simply walk from your house to get a carton of milk/juice/bread etc. or just having the nearby supermarket deliver. This is the case with most supermarkets in Boston, knowing that people either walk or take public transportation or can’t carry heavy bags of groceries back to their Boston luxury homes. It's certainly a great and convenient service to have.

Good schools close by are valuable for buyers with children, coupled with some details of curriculum. Other conveniences are the neighborhood restaurants. It’s great to just go around the corner for a bite to eat after work or a drink to relax. Most Boston neighborhood restaurants have a great bar area for a quick few cocktails or grab a bite to eat from the bar menu. Good dry cleaning services, florists, bakeries, cafés, banks, and great shopping are very positive to have within walking distance of Boston luxury homes.

Buyers who have lived in NYC are so used to having all these amenities at their door steep on every block. Fortunately, Boston is becoming just like NY in that respect. Neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Downtown, Midtown, Waterfront/North End and parts of South End do offer all of the above amenities which are positive to point our to all buyers moving into the city, especially buyers moving from the suburbs. Make sure that your real estate agent has all the information you need about the surrounding neighborhood of a potential property.


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