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History of Boston Homes and the Impact on Value

September 29, 2012 |

Buyers love to hear about the history of the properties they visit, especially in such a well-established, historic city like Boston. There is always interest into who lived there in the past, the year the Boston home was built, any work done to the house (whether it’s visible to not), the extent of renovation, materials used, and names of architects or contractors if they are reputable.

Buyers Are Fascinated by Historic Homes
Fortunately, in Massachusetts, there’s no shortage of historical homes and some date back to the 1800’s or older. Many townhouses in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill and the South End have gone through several generations of transformation, from being grand single family mansions built by well-known architects of the time, to rooming houses and apartments, only be turned back to their original glory days of single family mansions or luxury condominiums. It is always fascinating for buyers to know the history of these buildings and they will pay more for a property with rich history.

Boston neighborhoods, like houses, go through transformation and change. They get abandoned and revived again and become the “it” place to live.  Sellers should be documenting all the work that goes into their houses as well as how many generations of families lived there, if that information is available. In older areas of some Boston neighborhoods, like Charlestown or the North End, some buildings even date back to the 1700’s - these are mostly historical sites.

So, when selling, not only the visual aspect of your home is important, but the history of the home and information about the work done in the house is just as critical to inform potential buyers. Contact me to discuss how to market your luxury home most effectively.


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