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Harmony of New and Old in Boston

April 8, 2016 |

Any changes in Boston’s historic neighborhoods are governed by architectural associations or the historic landmark registry.  If the Boston luxury real estate property is in the Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill, parts of Charlestown, etc, owners can change the interior to your heart’s content. But any exterior Boston luxury home changes need to get the stamp of approval from the architectural commission.

Some commissions are stricter than others in terms of Boston luxury real estate renovation limitations. That said, the combination of old and new, if balanced effectively, could be outstanding. Not only are the changes in those Boston luxury homes tailored to modern life, but they’re also more functional.

In some cases, larger windows are installed to draw in more light and decks / terraces are built to accommodate more urban nature. Garages are some exterior additions to that can be valuable to add to Boston luxury real estate.

The best Boston neighborhood to witness gorgeous harmony of the old and new is in the South End. A prime example is the new construction project of the church in the South End called The Lucas on Shawmut Street. The façade of the church is being preserved and new glass tower is being added to the church. The outcome will be stunning and inline with today’s life style. Other examples include, Taylor Street that was chosen by the National Architectural Magazine with new contemporary addition to an old Victorian house. In South Boston and Seaport, with fewer architectural restrictions, the contrast of new and old is quite beautiful without being gaudy and unappealing.

With more buyers wanting to tailor their life style to a more contemporary and modern living, more developers and homeowners are trying to work with the local architectural commissions to make compromises in creating luxury homes that are  more useable, livable and functional. It’s certainly a win-win situation.


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