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Growth of Boston’s Seaport and the Birth of ‘Innovation Point’

June 24, 2017 |

The hot Seaport district neighborhood is home to brand new Boston luxury homes with commercial towers offering office space and residential property. Given the abundance of new vast spaces, many residents and businesses have moved from the financial district to the Seaport.

GE has broken ground on a 2.4 acre urban campus they have dubbed “Innovation Point,” which they have made their headquarters. It says a lot about Boston that GE would locate their headquarters here. In a nutshell, Boston is the hub of intellectual and research institutions and laboratories, some of the top colleges and universities in the country, innovation organizations, investment and venture capital companies. This makes Boston luxury real estate more desirable than ever.

Being the hotbed for a number of industries, coupled with the fact that is easy to access Boston from all corners of the world, is attractive for large companies to relocate here and create a draw for high caliber and skilled workers.

As Boston continues to expand, the Seaport and other neighborhoods are mushrooming all over the city with development infrastructure and new Boston luxury homes. Boston luxury real estate has a completely new landscape. You don’t necessarily need to travel from one corner of Boston to the another to go shopping, or eat out and look for entertainment. You can stay near your Boston luxury home and have all you need in a few block radius. This is a great feeling and a compliment to the growing city of Boston.


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