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Changing Landscape and ‘SocialScape’ in Boston Luxury Real Estate

November 2, 2014 |

With new developments mushrooming all over city, new Boston neighborhoods are being created. Areas that were no man’s lands, deserted and abandoned, are becoming the new viable Boston luxury homes hubs with restaurants, retail stores, boutiques and clubs opening all around these developments. South Boston and the Seaport are prime examples.

From Deserted Neighborhood to Desired Boston Luxury Homes Neighborhood
A few years ago, you could not find a decent place in South Boston or the Seaport to grab a bite or even buy a carton of milk. Today, it’s a whole new experience. Prominent Boston restaurants have opened, or are in the process of opening, in these neighborhoods. Even some of the most famous national chefs like Mario Batali is leveraging the momentum and opening a restaurant in the Seaport area.

Seaport Blvd and Congress Street are blossoming with restaurants and high-end take-out eateries. Another notable area is part of the South End, abutting Albany Street. With the new Ink Block development and Whole Foods on the site — it’s becoming an appealing and inviting area to purchase a Boston luxury home.

The Downtown area is another up and coming residential neighborhood worth mentioning. The financial hub used to be deserted after business hours, but not anymore. With large developments on Washington Street, including the Ritz Towers, Millennium Place, the new Millennium Tower under construction (stay tuned for my blog post next week about this incredible, luxurious building) and luxury apartment buildings like Archstone, new restaurants and cafés are also opening up. The Ladder district is already full of great eateries. There’s a newfound vibrant night life, which makes it very pleasant to live there. These Boston luxury real estate areas are becoming more like a community living and residential, opposed to deserted and obscure.


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