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Cambridge Luxury Homes

October 8, 2016 |

The Boston luxury real estate market is spilling into the nearby towns and making the surrounding areas a very desirable place to call home. A hop and skip from Boston, across the Charles River, sits Cambridge.

Well known as the cradle of intellect and civilization, as Cambridge residents like to believe, this Boston neighborhood is a great area to consider when looking to purchase Boston luxury homes. Some areas of Cambridge are even within a walking distance of Boston. Crossing one bridge on foot, you have MIT on the other side. Or you can cross another bridge to Kendall Square, the hub of Bio-Tech, pharma & research industry.

Luxury buildings have been erected to cater to the Boston luxury real estate housing needs. Famous and historical homes line Brattle Street and its adjoining streets for several generations. Some Boston luxury homes in Cambridge have gone through extensive restoration and are move-in ready. It’s certainly worth exploring the area for options.

Another exclusive and in-demand neighborhood in Cambridge is Avon Hill. This area features large, historical Victorian homes. One such home is 9 Walnut Ave. This property has undergone several years of renovation and restoration to bring it back to life.

Buyers in today’s Boston luxury homes marketplace generally gravitate towards properties with modern amenities and comfort. That’s why the brand new construction projects are attracting interest. To duplicate those amenities, owners of existing homes are catching up and restoring their homes accordingly. If the home has multi-levels, owners install an elevator as part of restoration, in addition to all the bells and whistles featured in brand new buildings. This gives buyers more options to cast their nets wider and look at older homes along with new construction projects.

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