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Boston’s New Innovation District

December 22, 2014 |

When any abandoned and/or deserted area in the city gets the attention of hungry developers, it automatically comes to be known as the “innovation district." When you look at most of the areas of Boston luxury real estate, from Beacon Hill to Back Bay or the South End, they were all no man’s land and built on landfill, or speculation.

The “new kid” on the block and a hot spot for Boston luxury condos is South Boston, where the hope is to attract bio-tech and high-tech companies for relocation in the area. This should also create supporting businesses for residents in nearby Boston luxury real estate. The result has been a major success. The number of building projects and high rises from D Street in South Boston all the way to the Seaport and the World Trade Center is quite remarkable. Seaport Boulevard has become the main avenue and serves as a connection between all the different South Boston areas.

In a short period of time, the entire skyline of South Boston has transformed. Restaurants, bars and shops are mushrooming everywhere, creating a vibrant energy and night life scene for Boston luxury condos dwellers. Unfortunately, we will not see the true cityscape of the neighborhood until all the cranes are down. Let’s just hope that the architecture and design of these new buildings will be unveiled and the construction will be complete soon.

Among more notable Boston luxury real estate projects are the Liberty Square buildings (combination of high end luxury condominiums and office buildings where Vertex is located). The Old Anthony Pier 4 building is being developed into high end housing, along with many rental buildings along Seaport Boulevard.

It is a new exciting place for real estate buyers. Although it will take a while to attract young families there, it's already appealing to empty nesters and young professionals.


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